We design LED lights for better life. LED components from us are some of the most economical and durable light sources available. As a result, operating costs are significantly reduced, environmental resources are protected and CO2 emissions are reduced.


To offer innovative, technologicaly advanced products and services to our customers worldwide as a viable high technology provider.


To be the leading high technology provider, trusted by customers, employees, society and other stakeholders.


Integrity, Unity, Diligence, Customer Driven and Innovation.

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What we do

BBG LED System design forms the blueprint of any electronic system, without one projects are more than likely to result in issues during the installation and in the final product. That’s why when we take on a project we make sure we take the time to design a system to really meet the requirements of what you actually need and want from your installed system.


This enables the homeowner to manage all the lights in the home remotely from dedicated lighting controls.

 Manage all lights in home remotely

An intelligent lighting control system uses a central device – whether a single installed home control panel or your iPad or Smartphone

Our specialist team of automated lighting designers and installers provide advice and services to homes in Toronto

Offering LED supply and installation

At BBG automation we design and install the very best LED lighting solution for your home or business.

We can transform your home interior lighting or integrate your exterior lighting.

In-house lighting designer

Our in house lighting designer can provide custom design layouts to get the best mood and light output for crucial areas within a given space.

AiBase Smart Home Controller

Wireless Gateway

· Wireless smart gateway
· Support Z-Wave, Wi-Fi & GSM, fully compatible with most Z-Wave devices in the market
· Built-in SIM card slot, self monitoring with celluar
· Backup battery for dual protection
· Support remote control by App

AiBase Smart Home Controller: Wireless Gateway

Refining Luxury Products

Manufactured to the highest standards, any products from our 2018 Collection will beautifully enhance your home and improve your lifestyle. Superior engineering and design always stand the test of time.


In life, it is often the little things that matter the most, and it is no different for your home. BBG understands this, and so we bring you this collection of LED and lighting products incorporating alluring aesthetics and functionality.

LED Ultra-thin Canopy Light 45W

LED Ultra-thin Canopy Light 45W

Sealed die-casting profile for indoor and outdoor. Polycarbonate optical lens with heat resisting.

4 Inch 9W Round Panel (CCT Changing)

4 Inch 9W Round Panel (CCT Changing)

Changing and brightness dimming. This is a step forward to a better comforting home and workshop

Flood Light 200W(DLC)

Flood Light 200W(DLC)

Flood lighting is suitable for indoor and outdoor such as plaza, buildings, tunnels, Bridges, billboards, station, parking lot,playground and etc.

E26 6W COB

E26 6W COB

With traditional incandescent lamp design, it can be easily accepted by common people. Commercial, Engineering, Indoor, Outdoor, Professional, Sailing



Through a scrupulous selection, our team overseas work with our staff in Toronto to import LED and Lighting products perpetuating details of opulence, and fashioned for everyday life.

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