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Our in house lighting designer can provide custom design layouts to get the best mood and light output for crucial areas within a given space. Taking into account furniture layout, dark and key living areas a detailed lighting design can really get the best out of the artificial light distribution within the home or workplace.

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At BBG automation we design and install the very best lighting solution for your home or business.

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Our specialist team of automated lighting designers and installers provide advice and services to homes in Toronto and surrounding areas. We can transform your home interior lighting or integrate your exterior lighting. Our smart home light specialists provide your home with intelligent lighting solutions accessed from a single home lighting control panel.


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BBG – a brand that seeks to deliver excellent LED products to brighten up homes. We ensure this by manufacturing all our products ourselves, resulting in quality, consistency and reliability.

We design LED lights for better life. LED components from us are some of the most economical and durable light sources available. As a result, operating costs are significantly reduced, environmental resources are protected and CO2 emissions are reduced.



To offer innovative, technologically advanced products and services to our customers worldwide as a viable high technology provider.



To be the leading high technology provider, trusted by customers, employees, society and other stakeholders.

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Meets Vintage Amber Spiral

Filament Bulb

The result is a modern light bulb that evokes the nostalgia of the early incandescent lamps of the Gilded Age (this Amber Glass edition really delivers that rich, warm glow). Best for hanging fixtures, chandeliers, and sconces, this bulb adds an old time charm to any room coupled with unparalleled energy efficiency and safety (no harmful substances like mercury).

This LiquidLEDs Vintage bulb has a patented Twin Loop filament that enhances the bulb’s nostalgic look, evoking the hand-wound, double-looped carbon filaments of the late Victorian era and the tungsten filaments of the early 20th-century while spreading a warm 360° glow.

Vintage 5W E27 LED Edison Amber Spiral Filament Bulb

BBG LED Lighting

We offer a huge range of products which include architecturally designed modern light fittings to classic antique lights fixtures. These have been sourced from many major and popular brands, which have made their way into the lives of many homes and businesses in Toronto. To guarantee that each of our client’s find the perfect light to fit their individual taste and requirements, we give you the widest range of products possible.

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As home cinema installation experts, we reflect upon our 12+ years of experience to design and install exquisite bespoke home cinema systems that stand the test of time. We specialise in transforming any room in your house into perfect venues for watching films & TV shows, playing games and enjoying surround sound.